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Buyer's Online Form

*** IMPORTANT *** (Please Read)

Please complete ALL sections and supply ALL applicable documentation where requested to avoid delays.

WE CANNOT PROCEED with the processing of your purchase file until ALL required information is received by us.

To assist us in preparing for your purchase as quickly as possible please email copy of the Contract/Section 32 through to: admin@melbcbd.com.au

*** IMPORTANT *** (Please Read)

Have you completed ALL sections and provided us with a copy of the Contract / Section 32 (even if not signed)?

We can help – so if you get stuck, don’t understand something or are unsure as to what to collect or what to write when complating this form, please ask us for assistance.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that the information contained within this form is correct.  Remember, we have not seen the property and we are not as familiar with it as you would be.  Although we conduct our own investigations and checks on the property, we do rely heavily on the answers you provide us with in this form to conduct the various checks.

Buying a home should be an exciting event and we don’t want anything to prevent you from settling on time and we hope that you enjoy the buying process.

So we thank you kindly for choosing us and we wish you the very best of luck with your purchase!

The Team at MCBD Pty Ltd Conveyancing Services.